Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a lead?

    A lead is the name, address, phone number and email address of someone who has responded to one of our adverts.

    A lead is not a guaranteed appointment.

  • How does the Pay As You Go system work for Networkers?

    There is no requirement for you to have a minimum amount in your account. You just need to make sure you have enough to cover your next lead.

    When your balance drops to 25 credits we will send you an email to alert you.

  • How many leads will I receive per day?

    That will depend on how many you order. Some days are better for lead generation than others. If you’ve ordered a large number from a small geographic area, we may not be able to hit the total every day.

  • How old are the leads when I receive them?

    Leads are delivered within 2 minutes of us receiving them between 9.00am-9.00pm. Leads that come in after 9.00pm will be delivered next day.

  • Is there a record of all my leads?

    All your leads are stored on the system and you can access them at any time.

  • How does the charging work?

    Your account is debited each time a lead is supplied. We run a self invoicing system which automatically generates an invoice each time you add credits to your account, this is stored in your dashboard.

  • What happens if I receive a bad lead?

    We will replace your lead, without quibble, in the event of;

    • The prospect being under 18 years of age,
    • The prospect does not speak English
    • The prospect is non-uk based
    • The lead does not fit in the filter that you selected.

  • What about duplicate leads?

    This will not happen. It is impossible for our system to charge you for a duplicate lead.

  • Can I pause my account?

    Yes, you can turn your account on and off as you please.

  • How will I receive my leads?

    Leads are delivered by email and/or SMS. You can choose how you want them delivered.